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I have had such a privilege to work with amazing directors, technical crew, actors and other writers over the last week, and have learned so much about myself and my writing...I'm so excited to say that my play The Teds of Dagenham will be read tomorrow night at the Mask Center in Little Five Points! Thank you Sandra Hughes and Pamela-Faith Jackson for this outstanding opportunity!

Eleni Demestihas



Hi Pamela-Faith Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to Lily! You are a gift in our lives. Whatever happens with the play competition-wise is secondary. I just feel so grateful for her connection with you and her being coached through this experience of writing. She is building life skills and a belief in herself that will serve her always! Thank you!

Mia Merlin

Satisfied Mom

I saw my daughter's vision come alive. It is very exciting to see seeds planted in children that may produce awesome things in their futures. Thanks YVNV to giving Jaiya a chance. Bravo to the actors. (Dec. 2010)

Sheila Smith

"Awed" Mom

A remarkable, student initiated, yearlong arts and education project culminated in the Young Voices With New Visions Play Festival at Woodland Charter Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia on the evening of November 17, 2009. The Celebration of Plays by Kids, about Kids and for Kids featured original plays written by four students with a cast of 30 young actors from the Woodland Ensemble Company. Parent and teacher volunteer directors with professional acting, directorial, dramaturgical and literary backgrounds guided the emerging artists through the processes of producing, presenting and performing the plays for the festival. The writing was accomplished, compelling and, at times, intentionally comic. Each playwright?s unique voice was honored by a fully staged production with enthusiastic and committed performances by the acting ensemble. Families and interested community members created a full house in support of the student's creative efforts.

Sandra Hughes

Gateway Production-Mask/Mime Artist

Hi, I did make it to the performance. It was a great experience! I'm proud of Farasha's work and thankful to you for the time you spent with her nurturing her gift. The actors were also very good. We enjoyed viewing the other plays as well. Please keep us in the loop about other opportunities for writers. Thanks again!

Latoya Jenkins

Grove Park Intermediate & Woodson Primary Gifted &

Talented Educ

Thank YOU so much for providing this amazing program for the public!

Oscar Gittemeier

Youth Services Librarian Atlanta-Fulton Public E. Atlanta


"Gianna did an incredible job writing her play. As she continues to write, I am sure we will find her to achieve much more. I am proud to say I was able to work with her. Although I aspire to be a film director, directing a live show was very beneficial, and an incredible experience! The art of film and live theater are different in many aspects. However, the concept of having a vision and making it real apply to both. I only hope Gianna was pleased with our production and we were able to bring her vision to life. Thanks to Mrs. Jackson for making this all possible! Congrats, Gianna!

Marva Bagher

Director, (Student @ Riverwood High School

As an educator, over the years, I have watched Pamela-Faith Jackson exemplify a strong commitment to arts programming at Woodland Charter and throughout metro Atlanta. Under Ms. Jackson's leadership, students have excelled both socially and academically. I have watched students who experienced marginal success in the classroom begin to exude confidence in themselves after working with Ms. Jackson. These students realized from their experience in Young Voices With New Visions that they could obtain their dreams. Many of her students continued writing plays even after moving on to middle school. What Ms. Jackson does for her students is truely amazing. I am trilled to hear about Gianna's accomplishment.


My granddaughter has become a writer. She spent time today with Ms. Jackson and I was amazed at the story she created. I believe play writing has become her favorite thing. I was also extremely pleased with the excitement she experience today with her work and I saw a happiness on her face that warmed my heart. I can't wait to hear what she writes next.

Stacey Copeland

Proud Grandmother

I was very moved by my daughter's role in 5 princesses. She had her first solo as well as a supporting role. She is in 4th Grade over at Woodland Elementary. Ms. Jackson I want to say Thank you.. as the program has inspired Serayah in many ways to reach for her goals. This feels like the foundation to her future. Thanks You Again.. Parent (Dec. 2010)

Theisha McCClashie

5 Princesses

I felt excited when I found out that my play was going to be performed. I did not expect the results that I saw when I first wrote my play. I could not wait to see how my characters would come alive. I think that this has helped me become a better writer, and I look forward to writing more stories and plays. I have already begun. Thank you YVNV for performing The Five Princesses. (Dec. 2010)

Jaiya Smith

5th Grade YVNV Gold Metal Winner

I look forward to Young Voices With New Visions growing by leaps and bounds. It is surely an awesome resource that taps into and develops the creative minds and talents of young aspiring writers. Furthermore, I am surely grateful for how it has magnified the creative ability within my child as a creative writer. I am a firm believer in training up a child in the way they should go. Therefore, I want to invest in developing my childs interests while she is young so that she is better prepared for opened doors and opportunities. To watch her floating with confidence and excitement the night of the YVNV 2010 festival, as she was celebrated along with other talented writers was truly a joyful moment of a proud mother. Thank you so much YVNV for believing in our kids. (Dec. 2010)

Niema Smith

Proud Mother

I had the honor and priviledge of working on my first play this summer at the Adamsville-Collier Heights Branch with Mrs. Jackson. A play is always buzzing around in my head, but actually bringing it to life on paper has never quite materialized. Mrs. Jackson worked so hard with me to make this happen. I am still trying to complete the play, but she was and is a tremendous help and inspiration to me. I hope to complete it so that the drama team at my school(of which I am a member) will perform it real soon.

Kenneth Laster

Middle School Playwright

The writer's workshop has been an extremely informational experience for me and my peers. It teaches you basic concepts that will always be essential tools later in any field of education. I enjoyed the new things I learned like putting all your thoughts together to correctly construct a script. It's an A plus in my book!


My Experience!

I have to write stories at school. Some of the same methods that I didn't get, I get them now. Characters--I always need help with them. Playmaking helped me to form characters, give details, and have them speak with expression.

Buckhead Public Library Participant

YVNV Playmaking Workshop Series

I did another playwrighting activity with kids in my class at my school, and they need this good class. The thing that impacted me most at the Playmaking Workshop was learning to know the characters. To write a good play you need to know indepth what your character likes and dislikes even if it isn't incorporated in the story. The playwriting teacher got me to get to know my characters. It was a really good experience.

YVNV Buckhead Public Library Participant

YVNV Playmaking Workshop Series

I learned how to write a script correctly and I learned that I have to be persistent even if I get stressed out.

Danielle Patterson

5th grade YVNV bronze medal winner

What a superb performance and exhilarating experience. My children and I enjoyed ourselves! I minored in Theatre at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and am a graduate of Northside School of the Performing Arts. My son is stepping up his play that he plans to submit to the Young Voices, New Visions International Play Competition 2010 to add more detail. He cannot wait for you and others to read it. He is thinking of writing a series of plays with this same theme. He is such a gifted young man that I need to be amongst people like you! What an awesome gift and love that you have. I am so happy to have met you!"

Zanethia Eubanks

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