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DETROIT '67 PLAYWRIGHT, DOMINIQUE MORRISEAU is interviewed by YVNV teen writers, Makeda Phillips (left. Senior, Mays High School) and Oceana Franklin (3rd from left. 8th grade, Paul D. West Middle School). DETROIT '67 is one in a trilogy of plays written by Dominique to pay tribute to her beloved hometown.

Terrell Alvin McCraney, playwright

“I invite you to investigate. There is no one way to write anything. And your way may be as idiosyncratic to you as my way is to me. The important thing is that you try, that you look for, that you investigate, and figure out what your stance is. Sometimes I literally look at the page for hours and hours…your imagination is the key because nothing will scare you like your imagination…you know the things that make you the happiest…there is nothing more interesting than you….what happened to you that no one else took in that day…”


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