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YVNV 2012 Gold Medal Winner 

UNAVOIDABLE written by Max Greenhouse

YVNV 2011 Silver Medal Winner 

GHOST OF THE LIVING DEAD written by Zafirah M. (9th grader)

           Top Picture: (L-R) Zafirah and Ms. J.

YVNV 2011 Gold Medal Winner 

BROKEN HEARTED BEAUTY written by Gianna S. (6th grader)

YVNV 2011 Gold Medal Winner 

OLD MAPLE written by Rayna R. (4th grader)

YVNV 2011 Silver Medal Winner                                                                                            A CHANGE IN MY LIFE written by Jaila W. (5th grader) 

                                                           A glimpse at divorce through the eyes of a child.

Top Pix (l-r): Jaila W., playwright; Faye Raye, director/associate producer YVNV. Bottom Pix (l-r): Michael Holt, Derrick Dormer, Ashley Hanshaw

YVNV 2011 Bronze Medal Winner                                                                                           MILITARY MIRACLE written by Annie E., Julia M., Alyssa W. (4th grader)

YVNV 2010 Gold Medal Winner                                                                                        ANOTHER LIFE CHANGING ADVENTURE written by Cobe J. (4th grader)

An epic adventure about a young boy's quest for quality relationships.

YVNV 2010 Gold Medal Winner                                                                                         FIVE PRINCESSES written Jaiya S. (4th grader)

A zany comedy with music, a frog, and selfish sisters who learn its mean to be green.

YVNV 2010 Silver Medal Winner                                                                                        OUR BEST MOVE written by N'Kai L. (5th grader)

Dramatizes school days filled with cultural conflicts and how the power of Salsa dancing serves as the bridge to reconciliation.

YVNV 2010 Bronze Medal Winner                                                                                                     TRANSFERS written by Danielle P. (5th Grader)

Provides a snapshot of how two languages change the destiny of twins as they try to fit into at their new school.

YVNV 2009 Gold Medal Winner                                                                                      JAZZ AGE written by Karina N. (5th grader)

JAZZ AGE, inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, portrays two classmates who journey back in time where they meet the world famous jazz musician and composer, Duke Ellington.

YVNV 2009 Silver Medal Winner                                                                                       70s FRIENDS written by Michae J. (4th grader)

70s FRIENDS takes place one boring Saturday afternoon when friends experience the culture of old school days in Echo Park where Michael Jackson later filmed his Thriller video in the 80s.

YVNV 2009 Silver Medal Winner                                                                              GLASSES written by Charlene B. (4th grader)

GLASSES portrays an inter-generational discovery of a super power secret aides in the investigation of a mysterious missing glasses caper.

YVNV 2009 Bronze Medal Winner                                                                                         MY MOTHER, MY TEACHER written by Aishwarya C. (5th grader)

Twins cringe when their mom becomes a substitute teacher at their school one dreaded day in MY MOTHER, MY TEACHER. 

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